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Homeowners’ insurance is essential to protect your family from losses on what is your most important investment. Homeowner’s insurance policies can provide protection from a variety of hazards, such as hail, hurricanes, wind damage, and even leaky plumbing. Policyholders rely on their insurance to protect their homes and treat them fairly by honoring valid insurance claims in case of a loss.

After disaster strikes, getting the compensation promised by your policy should not be a chore or battle of wills. Unfortunately, many homeowners learn the hard way that the opposite is true only when the see their insurance carrier look for any possible reason to deny coverage after disaster strikes. Sadly, our attorneys have seen many instances where insurers have underpaid or simply refused to pay valid claims.


Who is looking out for you?

After your home is damaged, it’s up to you to get organized and prove the expenses of losses to your insurance company. While this should be a straightforward process, many homeowners instead are given “the run-around” or “stone-walled.” Sometimes, this behavior is both intentional and malicious.

Daniel C. Tighe, PA has the experience and knowledge to succeed against insurers who deny or delay claims without justification, or otherwise act in bad faith. Our experience in property insurance disputes helps to keep clients calm and informed as we work to reach a fair settlement with their uncooperative insurer.


Your insurer is not your friend. Insurance companies frequently pursue strategies that allow them to deny coverage or pay less than the amount of loss stated in your policy. If you speak to them, they may use your statements against you to deny your claim.

If you have submitted a claim for an insured loss, and have experienced an undue delay, unfair valuation, or denial, contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION!

Insurance Claims Guidance For Florida Homeowners

If your insurance carrier has denied your claim, or has made an offer which does not provide enough money to repair your home, you do not have to accept their decision. You have the legal right to challenge your insurer so that you are fully compensated for ALL damages and losses covered by your policy. Our lawyers can skillfully negotiate for you and, if needed, provide a strong advocate for you in the courtroom.

Roof Damage Claims & Homeowner’s Insurance

A roof can be a complicated and expensive part of your property to repair. Unfortunately, many insurance companies refuse to pay the correct amount needed to properly repair the damage.

We know how overwhelming it can be dealing with the insurer while at the same time dealing with the impact of a damaged roof. Our attorneys are ready to help you handle any issues related to your insurance claim for roof damage or roof leakage.

Free Resource for Florida Homeowners

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No Out-Of-Pocket Costs For Homeowners

Many Florida homeowner’s worry about the cost of an attorney. In many cases, Florida law dictates that the insurance company have a legal obligation to cover the cost of a policy holder’s legal fees.

Our Clients Never Pay Us Anything. Ever.

When we win, we seek payment for our legal fees from the big insurance companies, not from our clients. This amount is separate from and additional to any additional coverage benefits won for our clients.

“If we take your case but are not able to recover any money from your insurance, you do not have to pay us for any costs or attorney’s fees.”
Daniel C. Tighe


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If you are involved in a dispute with your homeowner’s insurance company regarding a claim for losses, schedule a free case review with one of our lawyers.

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