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Commercial Property Damage

Damage to your property due to a storm or other event can be devastating to your business. Commercial property damage not only affects your building, but can interfere with your livelihood and the return on your investment. Many business owners have commercial property insurance to guard against this interference. If your commercial insurance carrier denies you proper compensation for your loss, you could have a bad faith claim.

For commercial property owners waiting for their claim to be honored, it is advantageous to seek legal assistance to combat your insurer’s bad faith tactics. A commercial property damage lawyer experienced in catastrophes can pursue bad faith claims in court and ensure the policyholder receives the money needed to repair their property.

Has Your Commercial Property Been Damaged?

Contact a Commercial Property Damage Lawyer Before Filing a Claim

If you are involved in a coverage dispute with an insurance carrier involving commercial or residential property insurance, Daniel C. Tighe, PA can provide the support and guidance you need.

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About Insurance Companies

Insurance adjusters often claim they are “neutral” and provide unbiased damage assessments. In reality, many adjusters earn 100% of their income from insurance companies, creating a built-in bias to deny or undervalue property damage claims. We work with our own expert contractors, engineers, and mold specialists to assess the true extent of the damage, and what it will take to correctly repair your property. We use this comprehensive assessment to compel your property insurance company to provide the full and fair reimbursement for damages due under your policy.

What Happens After Damage Occurs

Policyholders hope that in the event of a storm their property insurer will work to pay out legitimate claims quickly and fairly. Unfortunately, insurance companies will often try to pay out as little as possible, significantly underestimate the extent of losses, or misrepresent the cause of the loss.

They engage in tactics to delay and draw out the claim process, believing that the policyholder, as the “little guy,” will eventually be forced to give up. Many companies have found themselves wrapped up in commercial property insurance disputes which get drawn out for years.

If you have submitted a claim for an insured loss, and have experienced an undue delay, unfair valuation, or denial, contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION!

Legal Guidance For Florida Property Insurance Claims

Most businesses and commercial property owners believe their insurance company will cover the full extent of losses if a hurricane, wind, hail, or other property damages occurs. However, regardless of what most policyholders believe, insurance companies will often delay or deny coverage for their clients covered losses.

For most companies, a commercial insurance policy is a substantial monthly expense. After sustaining property damage due to an act of nature, commercial policyholders cannot afford to deal with needless delays when pursuing compensation that they are rightfully due.

Businesses and commercial property owners need quick and comprehensive repairs to continue operations – delays can slow down business recovery and even place your business viability at risk. The sooner you retain legal counsel, the sooner you can recover the money you need to resume your business operations or keep the business afloat until the community returns to normalcy.


Who’s Looking Out For You?

We represent businesses across Florida, helping our clients to attain favorable outcomes after their property insurance claims were denied or not paid in full. Our firms Palm Beach County office handles a broad range of commercial property damage claims for business owners, real estate developers, condominium associations, hotels, manufacturers and many other commercial entities.

Daniel C. Tighe, PA has the experience and knowledge to succeed against insurers who deny or delay claims without justification, or otherwise act in bad faith. Our experience in commercial property insurance disputes helps to keep clients calm and informed as we work to reach a fair settlement with their uncooperative insurer.


Your insurer is not your friend. Insurance companies frequently pursue strategies that allow them to deny coverage or pay less than the amount of loss stated in your policy. If you speak to them, they may use your statements against you to deny your claim.

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If you are involved in a dispute with your homeowner’s insurance company regarding a claim for losses, schedule a free case review with one of our lawyers.

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